Understanding Women – Dave McDermott

Workshop Brief Description

Many men struggle to really understand what women want in the depths of their hearts.

  • Wouldn’t it be great to understand women more deeply and be more relaxed and confident with women as a result?
  • Very few men on the planet understand women well.
  • There will always be an element of mystery about women, but there is also a LOT that can be understood.

This workshop explores five qualities that women are MOST drawn to in a man. Looks, size of bank balance, social popularity, or how funny he is, do not make this list. These things have attraction at a certain level, but are not what women want most in man. Come to this workshop if you want to be more relaxed in your interactions with women, to understand women more deeply, and to have women naturally attracted to you.

Brief Biography

Hi, I’m Dave,

My sex life and my romantic life used to be a complete mess.

I was a virgin until my late twenties, due to growing up with a bunch of sexual repression.

I would shut down in front of women I was attracted to. I felt like the women I really wanted were out of my reach.

When I finally started having sex, it was mostly empty casual experiences or relationships that were either loveless or toxic.

I sorted this out with a lot of work on myself.

I became a man who women were naturally attracted to. Women I was interested in pursued me, rather than the other way around.

And I did this with full authenticity and integrity.

Dave McDermott is a Masculine Empowerment Coach. He leads The Empowered Man, a program to help good men be more confident and successful with women.

What is the desired outcome of your workshop?

To help men be more relaxed in their interactions with women, to understand women more deeply, and to be able to create healthier relationships with women.