Trauma, Trust and Sex ~ Mike Lowe

Many people are affected by sexual trauma, either directly or indirectly via a partner or parents. One in three Australian women and one in five men experience sexual trauma by the age of 16. Traumatic experiences can deeply affect our ability to be present intimately with our own bodies, energies and emotions, and with others. The memory of a traumatic experience is held in the body, so that when the body experiences a pattern similar to the original trauma – conscious or unconscious, present orancestral, cultural or familial – it goes into an unconscious pattern which may include terror, disassociation, anger, shame or avoidance. This workshop will explore the ways in which trauma leads to distrust and how safety and trust can be created leading to healing, deeper intimacy and sex which is fulfilling, potent and deeply enjoyable.


I co-faciliate workshops with and have over 20 years international experience leading transformational workshops in the areas of trustbuilding and reconciliation. I have worked with politicians and young leaders in Eastern Europe after the fall of communism and have worked on programmes of reconciliation with police and former militia leaders in Solomon Islands. My particular gift is in creating safe spaces in which transformation can occur, and I have a particular interest in earth-based spirituality, indigenous wisdom, Process Work, Focussing, Voice-Dialogue, archetypes, and supporting the rise of healthy and authentic Masculine and Feminine energies as we transition from patriarchal and colonial ways of being.

I’ve been co-facilitating a 4-day Trauma Trust & Sex workshop for 2 years and have run a shorter 2-hr version at Confest for 2 yrs. Have been accepted to present this workshop at