The Warrior – Mapping the path from ‘immature anger’ to its archetypal form ~ Gero von Aderkas

Are you an ‘angry man’ OR have you never been angry in your life? Have you exploded in circumstances where it has hurt the people you love the most? Do you find yourself ineffective in pursuing your goals? Regardless of your path so far – you are welcome here! We’ll look at the energy of Anger; untangle some of the general associations and create a map for a powerful relationship with this archetypal force. There will be the opportunity to partake in an experiential element of anger work – it is your call. the This is a game changer for your relationship with yourself – can you hear your inner voice calling?

For men to reframe their association around anger and to take responsibility to engage with the archetypal energy of the warrior


Three years ago at Menergy I ran my first anger workshop – these days ‘Reclaiming Anger’ fills an entire weekend. As partner and co-founder of The Art of Relating I coach people in feeling-based communication and relating and I work regularly with the energy of anger. Having done my own work I now have a close relationship with my anger and am well-versed in this topic. For a deeper immersion into anger work check out my website:

I run anger work on a regular basis – this is a time limited format. I adapt the content.