Taking the one seat: Meditation as way of Being ~ Luke Wright

How does meditation move from an act of the self to a living reality? In this experiential meditation session, talk and Q&A we’ll touch on this topic and explore the elements of ourselves that bring forth our innate understanding and capacities as well as opening to that which inhibits us. This isn’t a collection of ideas to adopt but a sense of being to be lived. Be curious, question everything and challenge what we think we know…find out for ourselves what is true!


Luke’s life has been a constant conversation about reality, spirituality, physics, embodiment and a finding out what is true. Through meditation, self enquiry, yoga, bodywork (zenthaisanctuary.com), art, outdoor education, carpentry and surfing to name a few, each vehicle has been a way to know thyself.

That those involved walk away with an experience of themselves that feels more true to who they are, that they find a place that sits deeply within, a ground of being that can be a constant source of innate wisdom.