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Project Description

Throughout life I have struggled to deeply connect with men due to an absent father and no decent male role models. Now as an adult I have been learning how to open up with men and now truly enjoy the time I spend with my friends and the more profound connections I have been able to make.

As well as making me happier and healthier it has spurred on my passion to bring joy and connection into people’s lives.

Currently, I am doing that as a Creativity and Wellbeing Coach in Bendigo. I run a range of Circus and Wellbeing programs in schools and the greater community for children, adolescents and adults. I work with young boys disengaged with school and life and try to help them find some direction in their lives, see

I am also learning to express my unique self through performing and creating visual art pieces. My most important role however is being the father of two amazing daughters who bring love and light into my life and remind me to savour each moment.

Why are you involved in Menergy?

I went to last year’s Menergy for the first time and ran a workshop for Dads and held space as a Tribal Group Facilitator. I was blown away by the incredible men that I met, the great conversations, the playfulness, the ongoing presence and the connections that I made. Since then I have become more involved in men’s work especially men’s circles and Rites of Passage. I feel that having deep connections is vital for all men and I want to help make that happen.