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Project Description

I am a wildly creative soul and I spend my time making cool stuff, staring at things, and thinking about stuff. I’ve worked as a musician, photographer, videographer, AV Tech, school teacher, and Digital Educator in communities. You can take a peek at my photos here, and see some of my other work here.

Why are you involved in Menergy?

I bought a ticket for Menergy 2014 not knowing what to expect, and without knowing a single soul I came out the other end of my first Menergy a different man. For the first time I saw Men having the potential to be emotionally supportive. For the first time I saw Men openly expressing what is going on for them. For the first time I felt like I could safely share my feelings to Men, without the risk of being shamed. This year, I’m stepping up and working with the committee to make Menergy take Men’s Work in Australia to a new level, and with the dream that one day in the not too distant future, this work will become an integral, and normal, part of all communities.