Project Description

Mikey is a man that loves to explore the depths of all that is available in this world. He has spent his years dancing across the earth; studying, playing, travelling, and engaged in various businesses.

He loves to do his bit in improving the lives of the Men (and Women) of his community and after dreaming up the first instalment of the ‘Island Of Men’ in early 2018, he couldn’t help but nominate for the Menergy Committee. Mikey is a fiery and passionate man that knows the incredible growth that a man can experience by only participating at Menergy and he could not be more excited by the opportunity to give a little back and grow even more as part of the 2018 committee.

Mikey is extremely excited about his role on the committee and cannot wait to take the Menergy men on a fabulous, vibrant and colourful journey of the drag-queens heart within the Drag Workshop that he will also deliver.

Mikey is all heart and will bring it ALL at this year’s event.