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Project Description

“Adventure, growth, travel and fun is my game! I’m a big lover of challenging myself whether it be through reaching a PB running time, taking only cold showers in winter or through exploring the emotional roller coaster of a open relationship. I’ve always been a socialite, happy go lucky, optimistic man who will take any opportunity to slip in a joke to brighten ones day 😀 My passions are Zenthai Shiatsu massage, movement and travelling!

Why are you involved in Menergy?

Last year (2016) was my first Menergy. I bought a ticket after the event was recommended to me on more than one occasion. I had no idea how to get there or who would be there but that just added to the excitement of the experience! As money was tight, I resourcefully sought after a discounted volunteer ticket which not only allowed me to attend but also gave me a sense of feeling apart of the event, contributing to the magic.

Menergy last year opened up my mind, and expanded my community of conscious, intelligent men. There was an abundance of wisdom, life, skills and passions to tap into, a gold mine of growth for a young lad like myself! This is what inspired me to jump at the opportunity to join the 2017 organising committee. The thought that this incredible event existed and that my age group (20-30) was a clear minority, motivated me to get involved so that I could promote this event to the younger generations.”