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Project Description

I’m a father of two eleven year old boys and live in Northcote in Melbourne. I work at headspace, the national youth mental health provider.

Why are you involved in Menergy?

Over the past three years I’ve found a lot of life in spaces for men, including participating monthly in a men’s circle, and annually at Menergy. I love how these spaces make it possible for us to lay down our egos and show up exactly as we are. There is something special created when open hearted men gather. My faith in masculinity as a force for good is being restored.

My first experience of Menergy was both tender and wild and I left certain that I would return. I’ve been to two Menergys since then, and each has been special in a different way. I encourage any man for whom this sounds interesting to take the plunge, to see and be seen, and to take another step on their journey toward becoming a better man.