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Project Description

The Connector

I am a journeyman….continuously witnessing, looking to learn, to understand and to grow my experience base. In my younger years I often felt inadequate; not good enough, not attractive enough. I wanted to be someone else, someone better and I longed to be loved and accepted by others more than by myself. Over the last decade this mindset has given way more and more to acceptance and appreciation for who I am.

Today, I aspire to live in the now, being present to what is and responsible to what comes.

Creating possibilities for authentic interactions is what drives my purpose. I want to contribute to an alive, just and sustainable future and I am inviting feedback from those around me on how I am doing.

To bring my vision into the world I have co-founded ‘The Art of Relating’ where I offer Adult Rites of Passage work and Feeling-based Communication coaching for individuals, groups and businesses.

Why are you involved in Menergy?

When I attended Menergy for the first time in 2014 I was touched by the closeness and the connection amongst the Men there. I see this gathering as a chance for Men to experience relating more fully with each other.

Truly listening to one another and speaking our truths are skills relevant for us as Men to refine. This is my third year of service on the Menergy committee and I am involved because I want these opportunities for myself and my brothers!

With Love and Fire, Gero