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Project Description

Community Empowerment and Participation.
It is a great honour to serve on the 2017 Menergy committee. This will be my 4th Menergy and 3rd volunteering on committee. I value working in the community and volunteering my time towards creating a more awesome and inclusive world.

I am in my final year studying Social Work at graduate level with ongoing training in Gestalt Therapy. I work with people who are experiencing complex and challenging life issues and have a background in photography, multimedia and jack of all trades.

Why are you involved in Menergy?

I believe in developing communities for men to connect and share their stories to find support and friendship between each other. Menergy gives men opportunity to explore these connections and build relationships with themselves and each other to learn and share experiences, relax and have fun.

Menergy is an amazing event that gives men the opportunity to get away from the day to day of life for a weekend and be free to have their voice heard, share from their heart and express themselves authentically free from judgement in a safe a supportive environment. Menergy is a journey of possibility for men, and for a better world.