GBTI+ Statement of Inclusion Menergy

GBTI+ Statement of Inclusion Menergy, Common Ground and Victorian Men’s Wellbeing welcome males of diversity and those identifying as Gay, Bisexual, Heterosexual, Intersex, Queer and Transmen.

All people identifying as males should feel that Victorian Men’s Wellbeing events are SAFE, WELCOMING and INCLUSIVE, where everyone has the opportunity to feel comfortable to be themselves.

For our GBTI+ people, that means a respectful environment where everyone is treated equally, feels included and valued.

We expect all participants to automatically include GBTI+ diversity in their language in public space to account for those identifying as male. We also ask that participants avoid assumptions regarding a person’s anatomy, gender or sexual preferences.

We see these events as a time to share heartfelt connections with a diverse range of males and to gain insight and understanding into all realms of masculinity.

We believe all males have something to offer and we’d like to feel that we are creating a space for all to express and share freely.

We hope to create a celebration of masculinity.

Victorian’s Men’s Wellbeing

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