A series of simple and challenging activities , following a formula of Playworks® Oz that takes participants very quickly from their individuality to comfortably sharing and supporting their group.

The aim of the workshop is that participants leave having had     F. U. N. Functional Understanding Naturally. All challenge activities allow participants to engage at the level they are comfortable. The other aim; in this world where we compare ourselves and are influenced by media attitudes to us, we are hardwired to check in on our errors, mistakes and shame- the participants will leave with a solid understanding of what is ‘right’ about themselves.

Brief Biography

Stephen Heart has a diverse background, fire eater, actor, Army Adventure Training Instructor, teacher, facilitator and workplace trainer in wellbeing.

Steve was drawn to high risk situations and has experienced highs and extreme lows; He has broken most of his bones including his neck, been told he would be a quadriplegic, set himself alight, twice and run 3 marathons and 4 Ultra Marathons.

He is a proponent of evidence based positive psychology and weaves this into his workshops and presentations.