Personal and Domestic Harmony ~ Peter McMeikin

Develop the skills to understand how anger works giving you the skills to resolve seemingly unresolvable conflicts where everyone leaves with a sense of fulfilment and with their dignity and self-respect intact.

Let’s explore anger together in an environment where there is no right and wrong just better ways of doing things.

Communicating Compassionately with the skills of Nonviolent Communication transforms relationships, from the fleeting interaction with your barista to deep empathic connections with yourself and the ones you love.

Participating in this PDH workshop exploring our communication styles can be a rewarding and insightful experience. This introductory session will give you some simple tools to respond to yourself and others with more compassion and hopefully ignite a craving to continue looking inside yourself with some new skills to HEED YOUR CALLING.


My name is Peter McMeikin I was angry frustrated husband, father of three, mortgage paying construction worker (life wasn’t really that much fun) and was introduced to NVC over 10 years ago and have experienced deep satisfying connections as I have learnt to infuse Nonviolent Communication into a way of being. I now live peacefully in relative harmony with what’s going on around me and contributing to people’s lives in ways I never thought possible. I now introduce people to Nonviolent Communication, work with men in behaviour change and am an accredited crisis support worker with Lifeline. Life is wonderful.

I ran an intro to NVC last year at Menergy, have co-facilitated and facilitated a few more workshops this year and observed 11 weeks of behaviour change programs with Anglicare Lilydale. I have also completed Diploma of counselling and Lifeline training this year and am an accredited crisis support worker.