What is a Menergy Mens Group

The Menergy Men’s Group Network (MMGN) is a new framework for men to create, join and establish their own men’s group. The platform allows men to connect online with others to find the nearest group or to initiate a group and have men join it. 

The framework and guidelines on establishing and running a group are taken from the Menergy Tribal Group rules and each group is supported in their initial phase by an experienced mentor. 

The online portal creates an easy place to locate and promote the men’s groups using geographical location pins and allows men to interact directly with those listed. 

How does the Network Work 

The network is promoted via an online platform that lists all groups and mentors by providing an interactive google map of their contact details. 

Individuals access the map and select the group or mentor near them to initiate contact directly. 

The people listed on the Platform are:-

  • Contact men for each group 
  • Mentors 
  • Menergy Mens Group Administrator