Workshop Brief Description

The Victorian Executive Committee for Men’s Wellbeing will facilitate a workshop with existing X men (men who’ve signed up to offer their ongoing support for men’s events in Victoria) and any Menergy men who want to join the X men.

The workshop will include:

  • A quick briefing on what is already happening in Victoria and what is in the pipeline.
  • A process for men to contribute their ideas hopes and dreams for the future wellbeing of men and their communities.

Brief Biography

The Victorian Men’s Wellbeing Executive Committee (the exec) is a sub-committee of Men’s Wellbeing in Queensland that oversees ‘Open Ground’ gatherings like Menergy in several states of Australia and the men’s circle program ‘Common Ground’.
The exec provides oversight of Menergy to ensure ongoing sustainability, and works with everyone in our community that is interested to grow this work. The committee is currently Matt Morrison, Jeremy Shubb, Simon Dawes, Samir Andrew, Ian MacLean, Luke Wallace.
Most of us will be there for this workshop.

What is the desired outcome of your workshop?

Input to the ongoing development of the work of Mens Wellbeing in Victoria.