It’s time for Menergy to have its own men’s group platform and we are launching our own Menergy Men’s Group Network (MMGN). For those interested in hosting and registering their own men’s circle come along to learn how you can get involved.
The MMGN is an online, interactive portal that connects men with groups and helps them establish their own. Learn how this geolocation-based platform works, how to host a group, how to get support and how to promote it to other men in your area.
It’s time for Menergy Tribal Groups to expand out and if your called to start your own group then come along and be part of the network.

Brief Biography

I’ve been involved in many various men’s programs including Pathways to Manhood Training and over the last 4-5 years have been the coordinator for
the Common Ground training in Victoria and have served on the organising committee and exec committee in growing and expanding men’s work in Victoria.
I’m passionate about keeping men together in circle and having them be supported in their journey and invite you to take the leap and be part of a new, exciting, development in men’s groups here in Victoria.