What is a Menergy Mens Group

The Menergy Men’s Group Network (MMGN) is a new framework for men to create, join and establish their own men’s group. The platform allows men to connect online with others to find the nearest group or to initiate a group and have men join it

The framework and guidelines on establishing and running a group are taken from the Menergy Tribal Group rules and each group is supported in their initial phase by an experienced mentor.

The online portal creates an easy place to locate and promote the men’s groups using geographical location pins and allows men to interact directly with those listed.

How does the Network Work

The network is promoted via an online platform that lists all groups and mentors by providing an interactive Google map of their contact details.

Individuals access the map and select the group or mentor near them to initiate contact directly.

The people listed on the Platform are

  • Contact men for each group
  • Mentors
  • Menergy Mens Group Administrator

Joining an Existing Group

Congratulations, you’ve decided to join a Men’s group! We’ve made it easy for you to connect with like-minded men who are also interested in connecting with men in constructive supportive ways.

Quick easy steps: 

1. Go to the website link below and find the google map 


2. Locate the Google map and find the nearest Group(s) you would like to make with 

3. Click on the contact details and make contact directly. 

4. Discuss with them about joining the group and meeting up 

Some groups may be ‘closed’, this means that they have determined that they don’t need any more men. You can contact them but they may not be able to accommodate you so please respect their wishes but let them know that you are interested.

Forming a new Group

Fabulous, we need men like you to initiate a Men’s group and we’re here to help make that happen for you. Here are the steps involved

1. Go to the platform and register your interest in establishing a group by going online and listing your group and the contact person

2. Make contact with a Mentor and find one that can support your group.

3. Build your numbers to the level your group is comfortable with. We recommend a min 6, max 12.

4. Decide if your group is a closed or open group. Closed if you already have the minimum number. Open if you allow other men to contact you and join.

5. Once you have reached the necessary amount needed to ‘start’ your group coordinate with the Mentor to host your first meeting.

6. After a few meetings, the Mentor will decide whether his support is needed and will then offer his support remotely. This is to be arranged between you and the Mentor

What If I have No Experience

Don’t worry, our aim is to provide you with a Mentor that will help you abide by the MMGN Guidelines and support you in hosting a Men’s group and maintain ongoing support to you and your group.

The mentors will facilitate the first 2-3 gatherings and teach you, and the group, how best to facilitate the night, how to make it run smoothly and why abiding by the guidelines are necessary for a successful meeting. Once you are confident to continue your mentor transitions to being someone providing remote support for you and your group.


The groups will need someone to help instil the guidelines and protocols that constitute an MMGN. These guidelines are distilled from the Common Ground and the Tribal Group Facilitators program.

The ‘mentor’ will help coordinate and host the group and try to ensure its future viability with ongoing support. They will offer their time and assistance in the initial startup and attend the first few meetings to get the group established.

Mentors will be listed on the Google maps for ease of contact

The ‘mentor’ would be pooled from following;

  • Men experienced in Common Ground, as participants or as trainers
  • Men Experienced in TGF (Tribal Group Facilitation)
  • Men recognised as experienced in ‘Mens Work’ who are familiar with the guidelines recommended or known by other men.

Who are the Mentors

The Mentors are experienced men who have been involved in ‘mens work’ and hosting Men’s circles, Men’s groups and other Men’s initiatives. They are there to assist you and your group in forming and abiding by the guidelines. The Mentors role is to facilitate at first and then to hand over to the group. The Mentor will create a safe, structured framework for the group to apply which creates a level playing field for the group each man is aware of the rules.

The mentor can then offer remote support by offering advice, guidance and assisting the group in deepening in Men’s work.

I Don’t Want a Mentor

If you are currently conversant in the MMGN Guidelines and are a known and respected man with experience then your group may not need a mentor. We would still require you to agree to the guidelines to ensure the integrity of the groups in the network.

If you aren’t familiar with the guidelines then you will need a mentor to assist you. We are not encouraging groups to form under the MMGN if they cannot show the capacity to apply the guidelines.

Who Is Behind Menergy Men’s Groups

Menergy Mens Group Network is supported and organised by the Victorian arm of the Mens Wellbeing Qld organisation which is a registered charity group providing Men’ss services across Australia. Mens Wellbeing has been established for over 15 years and has had thousands of men complete there programs and events.

Menergy Mens Groups has emerged out of the event ‘Menergy’ and is committed to providing support for men through constructive gatherings that provide mentorship and guidelines for men seeking to connect with other men.

Menergy Mens Group Network Contact

For more details please contact the current coordinator;

Samir Andrew 0430 279 438