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Menergy 2019 Workshops to be confirmed, updated regularly so come back often!

The workshops offered at Menergy are done so by men who are currently offering services and programs in the community and have come to Menergy to share their knowledge and skills with you. No facilitators are paid and they too pay a fee to attend.

These men are usually deeply committed to serving men and helping you attain the best out of yourself. All facilitators are here to provide a safe and unique opportunity for yourself and other men to learn and be supported by those around you. It can be a very powerful and transformative experience to participate in the workshops as a group of men. At all times safety, respect and integrity are maintained for all those attending.

Not all workshops are ‘deep’ or of an emotional nature, we also encourage light hearted fun workshops too to decompress and relax and let our inner kid have some fun too.

During the course of the event workshop facilitators will get up in front of the group to explain and ‘spruik’ their workshop to you. You are not compelled to attend and we encourage you not to get overloaded with workshops and take some time out to connect with others, or you can chill out and explore the location at your leisure.

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Cold Therapy ❄ – Jacob Fletcher

Challenge your mind. Let go of the resistance. Feel alive through the magic of cold therapy! Let’s begin the day in nature with some deep breathing, community connection and icy cold water. Why… You may be asking? Well just to name a few main benefits about cold therapy: It super charges your immune system Reduces depression Improves your lymphatic system And reduces body fat & inflammation Brief Biography Personally I’ve found great teachings […]

Holdings for Healing – Gero von Aderkas

This is an experiential space. Step in and you will discover the power of nurturing touch and physical presence amongst men. Not doing, but being with. Have you been aware of a longing deep inside of you that is never quite satisfied regardless of how much sex, material possession or other distractions you have offered it? Holdings provide the food of a different kind – you might not even know you have been craving it…. Brief Biography Gero is a Melbourne-based […]

The Masterful Lover – Nic Tovey

Being a Masterful Lover is about much more than good looks, charm or sexual prowess. It is an embodied transmission that is felt deep within. Love is an artform, and like all artforms skills can be useful. However in order to truly master one’s craft the artist needs to surrender to the muse; to connect deeply to both himself and his subject, and to be moved from a place beyond the mind. The Masterful Lover workshop, you will be […]

Men and money conversations – Ash Arandez

Let’s explore money concepts and allow men to discuss their conversations with themselves and others. Gain invaluable ideas and advice around money. Brief Biography I’m a practising multi skilled independent financial adviser since 2004 who’s self licensed with over 30 years experience in business and investing. Check out

Transformation through breathwork. – Sean O’Faolain

In this experiential workshop you will be introduced to different breathwork techniques. We will explore how we can use intentional breathwork practices to expand, transform and awaken. BENEFITS Self Healing. Transformation. Awaken the emotional body through emotional release. Clear old wounds/trauma from the body. Awaken to greater pleasure. Brief Biography Sean is passionate about creating transformational spaces for […]

Unleashing the Red Dragon – Arion Light

In this ceremony we dive into the Red Dragon that lives in your belly and your cock. We open the door to saying yes to your primal masculine power in a way that is both safe and free. We encounter how you have repressed this power within yourself and find your pathway to reawakening it to serve you and those you love. For many of us men, me included, this primal power in our sex has been shamed and disconnected and many of us live in some version of apology for our own sexual […]

Naturally Man – Lee Giddings

What is the Natural state of Man? It’s Deeply relaxed, Inwardly Quiet-Outwardly Expressive, In tune with Life, Naturally inspired by Life, Present to & engaged with every moment, Directive of thoughts, Mastery of Body, Guided by our Hearts, a fluctuating state of Deep, Dark energies to Highest, Brightest energies… In this workshop we will engage with the Natural state of Man as it exists uniquely within each of us, what is often affecting how we experience life, what we put into our bodies and surround […]

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