Man with Open Arms

The theme of the Menergy 2018 Gathering is…..(drumroll)

“Journey of the Heart”

The theme for this years event is ‘Journey of the Heart’

It has been said that ones journey from head to heart may be the longest and most challenging you will ever endure.

Once arrived, the journey of the heart is one that will open you to your vulnerabilities and your beauty, while equally illuminating the magic that exists in this world.

A true journey of ones heart will open you up to manifesting possibilities that you never knew to be possible. A true relationship with one’s heart will allow for authenticity in relating to yourself, a beloved, parents, children, family and friends.

The journey of the heart involves a lifelong commitment to yourself and your tribe. It will foster connection beyond imagination.

A true journey of the heart will support one’s endeavours – a change in relationships; parenting; career; personal healthcare, deepening spiritual practice and supporting the growth of the people around you.

Menergy 2018 will be a Journey of the Heart’

Whatever your journey is right now… we know that this event will help you hear it, feel it and then travel along it!

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