Masculine Vulnerability – Damien Bohler & Khali Young

Workshop Brief Description

Our own journey has been one of increasingly standing naked in the integrity of our truth. To become more grounded in our expressions of who we are as men, and to listen with the welcoming of another men’s essence.

This workshop focuses on the power of expressing vulnerably, and the capacity to hear, receive and empower other men in their vulnerability. This is achieved with the use of refined and elegant relational tools that can be learnt and utilised in any form of relationship.

Brief Biography

Damien Bohler & Khali Young are co-founders (along with two amazing women) of Triibe (, which empowers people with the relational tools to transform their relationships, and as such transform their world.

Both of us have unique and diverse backgrounds covering embodiment, spirituality, personal development, sexuality, martial arts, permaculture and more. As well as many years of facilitation, teaching, consulting and coaching work.

What is the desired outcome of your workshop?

Men recognise their vulnerability is a strength when expressed in integrity and presence. Men also learn how to deeply listen and use relational skills to help others step more fully into their own vulnerable essence.