Workshop Brief Description

We humans spend so much time searching outside ourselves for Love, whether it be from friends, family, colleagues or lovers. It’s a paradox to be ‘reliant’ on someone else’s Love when they’re struggling to resource it externally as well.

So what’s the answer?

By journeying within our heart we’re able to self discover an immense resource of sustainable Love. Yes its true, however I’m not going to pretend tapping into it’s constant flow is as simple as flicking a switch. There are many techniques to harness your wellspring of ‘Love’, yet it takes practice to strengthen your conscious connection to this limitless resource.

Join me for this heart felt workshop dedicated to the Menergy 2018 theme “Journey Of The Heart”. This facilitation is offered in honour of the storehouse of effervescent Love that resides within you. Love that can quench the thirst of external cravings and heal the human condition through its perfect sustenance.

Brief Biography

Adam Weaver is the principal of Connected Spirit, a qualified and registered counsellor who’s studied mysticism and eastern philosophy for over 30 years. Connected Spirit offers Spiritual Counselling, Mentoring and Workshops for clients to overcome their challenges in life, to align with their wellspring of Love, and to unfold their great potential.

What is the desired outcome of your workshop?

To facilitate an experience that sets the tone for participant’s gathering at the retreat in alignment with this year’s Menergy theme: ‘Journey Of The Heart’