How to host a ‘Secret Mens Business BBQ’ ~ Nick Columb

A training session in hosting a regular ‘Secret Men’s Business BBQ’ for your mates which is essentially a men’s group. A casual setting that most men will be comfortable in and a chance to get real and check in with your mates about what really going on with them. This idea is to further the reach of men’s work to the average bloke who might not proactively attend a weekend like Menergy, a men’s group or communicate openly with other men around him. Male suicide stats are very scary and this is an effort to help us all support our mates and bring those numbers down!

What is the desired outcome of your workshop?

For Men to have the skills, resources and confidence to host a ‘Secret Men’s Business BBQ’ for their mates


My name is Nick, I am from Melbourne and completed my Transpersonal Counselling qualification in 2015. Having felt isolated at times and loosing my best mate to suicide in my early 20’s I am passionate about creating safe environments for men to be able to communicate openly and honestly.