Honing our tools and ourselves through manual arts and discussion ~ Glenn LeemBruggen

Knife sharpening, Woodwork & whittling, Discussions around the study of man. Participants please bring: a whittling knife (and stone if you have one); a willingness to share (or simply listen); a small piece of wood you would like to transform.


After 12 years as a musician and tradesmen, working in the engineering field, a spiritual path developed that metamorphosed into 20 years of education, personal and professional development. Currently, and for the past 18 years, I have been fortunate to teach in a Steiner school, both in the primary and secondary. It has been a blessing to support children, adolescents and parents in becoming human. I have been involved in mens groups, and facilitated father and son events – exploring the question, what makes a good man? I wonder what opportunities await if we can strive to become the sharpest tool in the shed?