This meditation takes about an hour to do.

Firstly we connected with our selves, do a brief energy clearing of main energy centres, and while sitting in a group circle, connect with our heart, then star heart, then the heart to the person to the right, create a vortex that will spiral to the centre of Mother Earth and connect with the Divine Feminine, then spiral up in an anticlockwise motion, connect with our hearts, then connect with the elementals, the Fire Elementals, the Salamanders, the Water Elementals; the Undines,

The Air Elementals, the Sylphs, and finally the Earth elementals, Gnomes, fairies and nature spirits. Then we spiral up anticlockwise to connect with the Divine Masculine, then spiral back down clockwise, with healing energy to clear and cleanse our energy centres of blockages and limitations, then connect with friends and relatives who have passed on, friends and relatives on this side, then connect with all of creation, sending love and peace.