Come to Menergy 2018!

Event Dates:   Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th October 2018

Registration at Menergy will open at 3:30pm on Thursday 11th.

Aim to arrive any time after that. If you do arrive before 3:30 please return to the registration desk near the entrance of the site to register at or after 3:30pm.

A few men talking about Menergy!

Menergy 2015 Testimonial Video

This years event promises to be a wonderful time to share with so many amazing men who are attending as participants or delivering activities and workshops. We are also very excited to hold the event at the new location Licola Wilderness Retreat, where we are taking over the town for the weekend and you will be inspired by the journey to this unique location set amongst sweeping alpine mountains and meandering rivers. Please leave early and plan your travel well in advance.

During the weekend we take you through a structured learning process that includes opening and closing ceremonies, small support groups, workshops throughout the day, time for reflection and contemplation, fun and laughter, and even a cabaret.

The program is a carefully constructed process that has evolved over 15 years and is designed to support men in immersing themselves fully into in the weekend and then assist them to re-enter again with a new found respect and admiration for themselves and their brothers.

At all times men are free to choose their level of involvement of participation in any activity, event or ritual that is being offered. At no time are you pressured or expected to behave in any manner and we encourage you to honour and respect your authentic self to participate at your free will.

For those who have never been to a Menergy event, or similar, this is a time for you and other men to connect, unite and gather in a constructive manner where workshops, ritual, teachings and entertainment are provided over the course of the event. For many the experience is transformative in the new ways they learn to be with men and learn to accept more of their masculinity. It is always deeply nourishing to be around men who are there to support and encourage each other and many friendships are found and re-connected. Our ethos is All Men are Invited and we welcome diversity of all ages (sorry minimum 18yr) from the broader community to attend, show up and be accepted.

All accommodation, food, workshops and refreshments are provided for you and you are not expected to pay, or buy anything at the event. There will be no stalls or commerce activities on site. It is expected that this event could easily sell out and is being capped at around 200 so make sure you buy a ticket as soon as you feel compelled to go and if you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like assistance please contact Scott Grimmett at

Menergy Theme for 2018

“Journey of The Heart”

So, what does this mean you may ask? To ‘heed’ is to pay attention to or to take notice of; so ‘Heeding the Call’ is intended as an invitation for you to attend to the unique call within yourself, whatever that may be. It could mean heeding a creative call, a call to greater health, to fatherhood or to be a more loving partner and friend. It could also mean heeding the call to your broader life purpose, to follow a Spiritual Path or to just trust in your gut, back yourself and do what makes you happy!

Whatever is calling you right now… we know that this event will help you hear it, feel it and then follow it!!

Do you feel inspired to attend Menergy? Visit the Menergy Tickets page or Book via the button below to secure your ticket as soon as possible!

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Tribal Groups

Upon arrival each man is organised into a small supportive group we call Tribal Groups that are a small band of men that ‘check in’ with each other on a daily basis and support one another each other during the course of the event. Each group has a Tribal group facilitator who has been chosen prior to the event to lead the group and have been trained in facilitating and have experience in dealing with men’s groups and are generally really cool guys.


Workshops are an integral part of the event where you get to learn, and be challenged. Each day there are Workshops on offer from early morning to the afternoon and at evenings there are other ‘group’ activities that you participate in. Participation in the Workshops is on a voluntary basis and you are not required to attend any workshops if you choose not to.

Workshop facilitators will get up in front of the group and promote and spruik their workshop and if you choose to pick one, if not you can sit back in the Chai tent and relax and meet new men or seek solace and explore the scenic location. No pressure is applied to participate if you don’t want to, however you will find most growth and learning happens within the workshops.

Food & Refreshments

Food is the nourishment of the soul and throughout the weekend we spoil you with our famous (yes he’s written a book) chef Sun Hyland from New Earth Catering. Sun is well known in the festival community in Victoria and he uses the best locally sourced, mostly organic, nourishing foods he can find. He caters for all types; carnivores, vegetarians, vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant etc; and will provided you with 3 meals a day and some sweet treats in between. If you have any dietary needs please let us know upon registering.

Everything is pretty much made from scratch on site with no commercial spice blends or pre-made foods and all the food is packed with vitality and wholesomeness.

A tea/coffee/chai stand is available all day.New Earth Catering -

NB. This is a drug and alcohol free event so do not bring other illicit item onto the premises. If found doing so you will be ejected from the event.

Venue & Accommodation

Is at the Licola Wilderness Village and Menergy as booked out the whole VILLAGE!!! Licola is an old miners village with individual houses made by miners and is set next to the Macalister river in the Alpine Region 265 km east of Melbourne

Accommodation is included in the ticket price and you will be staying in one of 16 individual cottages/houses that have 3-4 bedroom with bunk beds, own bathroom, toilets, lounge, verandas and small kitchenette. These are so cool. They have their own heating too.

Remember bedding, linen, towels, and pillows are not provided so please bring your own.

Arrival & Departure

The event officially starts at 3.30pm on Thursday 11th and finishes 3.30pm Sunday 14th.

If you would like to organise a lift by car with one of our other attendees, please head onto the Menergy 2018 event page on Facebook and post what you are looking for. If you are not on Facebook, please email with your location and phone number and we will attempt to find a lift for you.

On Thursday a dinner will be provided for you between 7.00 – 8.00, for those who arrive later their will be food available for you to help yourself. We ask that you leave early to give yourself enough time to arrive on time and if you are arriving later please let the committee know.

Sunday evening there is also an option for attendee’s to stay the night and depart on Monday. This is optional and an accommodation fee of  $ 40.00 is to be paid to the venue on the day and food will be organised by those remaining.

Mobile Phones

It’s Dead Jim! That’s right unfortunately there’s no mobile reception in Licola. There is a public phone (old-school).