Elders Invitation to Menergy 2019 – Victorian Mens Gathering

Dear Brother.

I am writing on behalf of the Menergy community to invite you to our annual gathering as an elder.

I am writing to you because a man in your community has nominated you as an elder and at the very least this letter is a celebration of that. Yet hopefully more because we would love you to join us for a very special three day event.

For us an elder is a man who has walked this earth for at least five decades and is recognised as having something to offer his community.

By honouring eldership we hope that we can provide younger men with support and council as well as give the respect and honour for elders that is all too often missing in our fast paced modern world.

We are committed to support a community of men that honours eldership and provides opportunities for men of different ages, ethnicities, religions and experiences to connect and share stories.

So this is why we are reaching out to you. To celebrate you as an elder and invite you to bring your heart and your years to join a gathering of 200 plus men in the beautiful Licola Valley in Gippsland Victoria.

We hope to be part of a world that honours you for the path you have walked, both the victories and defeats, and can be willing to listen and learn to what your path has taught you. We also hope to offer a generous listening that can lift you up and support you to find real brotherhood with other elders and the younger men.

In a world that can move so fast, lets slow down and listen to each other.

If you are called to Menergy there is many ways to be involved, from simply sitting in a chair and watching, to joining in group activities to sharing your stories or even offer a workshop. Also if you have special needs of any sort we will do our very best to accommodate them.

Tickets are $495 (with early bird pricing available) and if you have financial hardship you can talk to us about payment options. It is a non-profit event and even us organisers volunteer all our time and pay to come to the event. The bulk of the money is spent on catering and the stunning venue. We expect tickets to sell out soon.

If you want any more support then don’t hesitate to call me, Arion (0434 140 154) or Ewen (0425 713 027) or for more general enquiries about the event you can email Scott at admin@menswellbeing.org.

I hope to see you at Menergy.

Menergy Committee and Men’s Wellbeing

About Menergy 2019

The 8th Victorian Men’s Gathering will take place at Licola Wilderness Village from the 10th to the 14th October. Join men of all ages and from all walks of life for a three-day gathering to meet, share stories, workshops, laughs yet most of all support each other in finding our own authentic version of manhood.

Why gather?

There is a big demand on the modern man; to provide and to be emotionally available, to be sensitive and also a leader, to be powerful, loving, real and successful. Menergy is a place for men to come together to explore these challenges of modern life and map a path for men that honours these changing times without betraying the essence of who we are as men. The gathering brings together men from many generations and backgrounds to share wisdom and time together in this exploration.

What happens on the weekend?

Menergy is an open format weekend where you are free to participate in as much or as little as you feel like. We stay in cabins on a beautiful property, located in the foothills of the Alpine ranges and next to the pristine Macalister River. There are shared meals, workshops, group gatherings and smaller supportive groups throughout the weekend. There is also a cabaret and open and closing ceremonies. There is a strong web of humour, exploration and community weaved throughout the weekend.


Menergy 2019 will include a rich variety of fascinating workshops running throughout the weekend. Participation is optional based on your desire and interest. Previous workshops topics have included confidence, death, communication, wealth and money, song and dance, meditation, masculinity, movement, sexuality, self-expression, relationships, family and spirituality.

Who are we?

Menergy is a volunteer run non-profit gathering by men for men. This is the fourth year in Victoria and is a supported by Mens Wellbeing in Queensland. We (the Menergy committee) are a team of men who have attended previous Menergy gatherings and have been called to make this event happen this year.

All men are welcome!

In this event we invite men of all ages, ethnicities, sexualities, ideologies and lifestyles to come together and have fun, share our challenges and learn from each other.

Find out more by email info@menergy.org.au or admin@menswellbeing.org.