This workshop will explore all things Drag.

Each man will have an opportunity to see what feelings arise while playing dress-ups, experimenting with make up and sparkles and perform, strut and dance in the comfort of sexy, slinky, swanky skirts and dresses.

This workshop is exclusively for those of you that want to have FUN in FEM!!

Brief Biography

Mikey is a man that loves to explore the depths of all that is available in this world. He has spent his years dancing across the earth; studying, playing, travelling, and engaged in various businesses.

He loves to do his bit in improving the lives of the Men (and Women) of his community. Through his life, Mikey has loved playing with all things fem and doesn’t understand why makeup and dresses are exclusively enjoyed by women. Mikey is extremely excited to take the Menergy men on a fabulous, vibrant and colourful journey of the drag-queens heart.