If there is one thing I have learned in over ten years of Men’s Work is that mans relationship with his inner feminine shapes the very core of his experience of his world. The more a Man is disconnected from this inner power he seeks it outside himself, in lovers, roles, recognition, food or wherever he can find a morsel of this sacred nectar.

In this workshop we will explore the initiatory path to awaken this feminine within your belly, balls, heart and mind. Through deep ceremony we will meet your current ‘blueprint’ of the feminine and let her die to be reborn with more of the sensual fullness that is your birthright as a human being.

This a deeply experiential workshop using breath-work, ceremony and the power of a tribe of Men to take you into the core of your life-force and see what’s ready to awaken.

Brief Biography

Arion light is founder of Living as Essence, The Essence School and creator of the long running Activation program. For over a decade he has worked with thousands of people to connect to their own essential nature. He is the Author of The Essence, The Pulse and Creative Mastery. He facilitates retreats, courses and a year long Warrior of Love program, aswell as coaching and mentoring people all over the world.