Menergy Committee 2018

The committee is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who attended previous Menergy’s and were moved to step in and offer service to other men and have dedicated the year to putting on this event. The time and effort put in is not repaid by any financial return but from being part of a committed vision to assist men to connect and gather in constructed, empowering, and fun ways.

The committee are here to support you and any other man who needs assistance. So If you, or a friend, feels they needs some help in attending i.e. financial or other, please contact us at Menergy and we will help you where we can. N.B.. We have a limited number of concession tickets.

If you too feel compelled to be involved in the committee and be rewarded for being a part of an amazing event and learn about yourself on the way, you too can volunteer to be on the committee next year.

To find out more please call one of the committee members or email us your interest.