Also known as a shamanic power animal ally journey.

A power animal ally is a teacher or messenger.

Wisdom & qualities of each animal guides and supports each man.

After an initial introduction, questions and answers, men lay on the floor, get comfortable & relax.

Instructions are given as a medicine drum beats & the men journey into their imaginations.

Feedback opportunities within the group & with a partner, assist men to ground their experience.

Some physical movement to music and a song to finish.

Brief Biography

The world needs inspiration, not more information!

” To heed the call of ones heart” means to go into the forest. The unknown.

Entering into the Non Ordinary State of Consciousness allows us to journey into the wildness of the forest. The wilderness of ourselves. Stev has participated in numerous Vision Quests, Vipassana’s, ISTA events, makes & plays didgeridoo, is a musician, thespian, entertainer, circus & yoga teacher & storyteller.

Stev has directed for 22 years and also manages (Universal Soul).