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Action from Insight – Murray Goodchild


When we are reactive we are not free. Freedom comes when we utilise our uniquely human ability to transform what fate serves us into an impulse from within that is charged with meaning for our live’s and purpose for our mission. In this workshop experience based on the work of Rudolph Steiner and Goethe in combination with my own clinical experience we will endeavour to bring meaning down into the [...]

Death, Mother and Manhood – Arion Light


If there is one thing I have learned in over ten years of Men’s Work is that mans relationship with his inner feminine shapes the very core of his experience of his world. The more a Man is disconnected from this inner power he seeks it outside himself, in lovers, roles, recognition, food or wherever he can find a morsel of this sacred nectar. In this workshop we will explore [...]

Cold Therapy ❄ – Jacob Fletcher


Challenge your mind. Let go of the resistance. Feel alive through the magic of cold therapy! Let’s begin the day in nature with some deep breathing, community connection and icy cold water. Why… You may be asking? Well just to name a few main benefits about cold therapy: It super charges your immune system Reduces depression Improves your lymphatic system And reduces body fat & inflammation Brief Biography Personally I’ve found [...]

Holdings for Healing – Gero von Aderkas


This is an experiential space. Step in and you will discover the power of nurturing touch and physical presence amongst men. Not doing, but being with. Have you been aware of a longing deep inside of you that is never quite satisfied regardless of how much sex, material possession or other distractions you have offered it? Holdings provide the food of a different kind – you might not even know [...]

The Seven Archetypes of Man – A Framework for Modern Masculinity – Stuart Gadenne


Man in the modern world is faced with a crisis of identity. Knowing how to act, and more importantly who to be, is an increasingly hard objective. Old models of masculinity are clearly outdated, however old models are old for reason. There is strength in the old. Through the fantasy archetypes of Barbarian, […]

The Meaning of Men’s Work in the #MeToo era. Facilliated Discussion – Ben Irvine


This discussion will be a chance for men to share and reflect their perspectives on sexual abuse and how Men’s Work can help to engender the attitudes and sensitivities that enable all people to be treated equally and with respect. Brief Biography Ben is a member of the Menergy Organising Committee. […]

The Masterful Lover – Nic Tovey


Being a Masterful Lover is about much more than good looks, charm or sexual prowess. It is an embodied transmission that is felt deep within. Love is an artform, and like all artforms skills can be useful. However in order to truly master one’s craft the artist needs to surrender to the muse; to connect deeply to both himself and his subject, and to be moved from a place beyond [...]

The Art of Gratitude – Experiencing the Magnificence of Life – Craig Wyld


This unique experiential workshop will gently help men open their hearts to discover and experience the awe and beauty in the ordinary. As the workshop unfolds and their hearts begin to open, most men tend to discover for themselves; there is NO ordinary. At any given moment, we are surrounded by vast riches […]

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