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Heeding the Call’ Menergy 2017 Workshops applications are now open…

If you are a Facilitator and have an ‘idea’ or wish to offer a Workshop at this year’s Menergy, then please submit the Workshop proposal form via the link below,

Menergy ‘Heeding the Call’ 2017 Workshop proposal form! or download the Workshop Facilitator Invitation Menergy 2017 document.

Menergy 2017 Workshops are below, Updated regularly so come back often. !

The workshops offered at Menergy are done so by men who are currently offering services and programs in the community and have come to Menergy to share their knowledge and skills with you. No facilitators are paid and they too pay a fee to attend.

These men are usually deeply committed to serving men and helping you attain the best out of yourself. All facilitators are here to provide a safe and unique opportunity for yourself and other men to learn and be supported by those around you. It can be a very powerful and transformative experience to participate in the workshops as a group of men. At all times safety, respect and integrity are maintained for all those attending.

Not all workshops are ‘deep’ or of an emotional nature, we also encourage light hearted fun workshops too to decompress and relax and let our inner kid have some fun too.

During the course of the event workshop facilitators will get up in front of the group to explain and ‘spruik’ their workshop to you. You are not compelled to attend and we encourage you not to get overloaded with workshops and take some time out to connect with others, or you can chill out and explore the location at your leisure.

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