Unleashing the Dragon – Arion Light

Waiting for you…, calling you…, a dragon of the wildest kind… , a dragon that can roar… so loudly…

That all your stories melt…, that your vision board scatters to the wind…,  a wild roar that awakens your skin… , to the memory of eternity…,  and the power of your hips…,  this dragon calls us all…, but are we listening?

Or too busy? With our devices and fixing our problems… To feel the roar in our blood… The call to ecstasy…

This workshop is not a beginners conceptual ‘power point’ presentation but a deep embodied ceremony into your own aliveness.

Most of the time will be spent using powerful experiential exercises and breath-work so only come to this if you are comfortable with this sort of deep work. You will go through a group ceremonial practice to find and awaken your wild dragon in your sex, heart and mind. This is a very direct and powerful awakening into your core life-force .

Brief Biography

I am a broken man. I lost all my fancy concepts and new age theories somewhere and I’ve finally stopped looking for them. I have nothing to give you. For why would I, when the whole radiant universe lives within you? I am here to throw logs on the fire of your own love until it catches alight and then we can just delight in the warmth together.

What previous experience do you have in running this workshop?

I have written books and done lots of cool stuff with thousands of people for ages, but who cares? What matters is that which lives in each of us, beyond our stories and accomplishments. A wild mystery of love, life and ecstasy. I am here to do my best to give this wildness my body and my voice. And then it can sing through all of us and we can awaken to our true beauty together.

What is the desired outcome of your workshop? Looks great!

To bring presence to our numbness and awaken our core vitality through deep ceremony and breathwork.

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