TeHakao – Finding our Voice – Gero von Aderkas

TeHakao is a powerful movement and embodiment practice bornout of the fusion of Men’s work and ecstatic dance.

By encouraging the physical expression of the body as well as the emergence of sound we begin to take space…..boldly exploring and witnessing how we show up as men offers inspiration and gives permission at the same time….here, a new brotherhood is created. In this workshop we are looking at how we can support each other into our full expression and how we can rise together as men.

I am looking forward to finding our voice – together.

With Love and Fire, Gero

Brief Biography

Gero has been involved in men’s work for a number of years now and brings a deep presence and acceptance to group spaces. He is a Melbourne based relationship coach and workshop facilitator who has a strong interest in working with feelings – particularly the intense ones. He offers to support people engaging with Anger, in Intimacy and with Communication through his business ‘The Art of Relating’. Over the last two years he has held a monthly space for men to come and express themselves at MEN@Dance – this has served as the inspiration for his new offering: TeHakao

What previous experience do you have in running this workshop?

While this is a new offering I have run many workshops over the last few years including at Menergy. ūüôā

What is the desired outcome of your workshop?

To bring men in contact with their bodies and feelings and to create connection amongst men



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