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Project Description

The Connector

I am a journeyman….continuously looking to learn, to understand and to grow my experience base. In my younger years I often felt inadequate; not good enough, not attractive enough. I wanted to be someone else, someone better and I longed to be loved and accepted by others. This mindset presented a considerable obstacle to finding myself yet I am able to appreciate more and more what I have found. Today, I aspire to live in the now, being present to what is and response-able to what comes.

Creating possibilities for authentic interactions is what fuels my passion. I want to contribute to an alive, just and sustainable future and I am inviting feedback from those around me on how I am doing.

To bring my vision into the world I have co-founded ‘The Art of Relating’ where one focus’ ‘EmpowerMENt’ is specifically to support MEN in feeling and connecting more deeply with themselves. My monthly offering ‘MEN@Dance’ provides an embodiment space; a moving meditation that is centering, grounding and empowering.

Why are you involved in Menergy?

MEN are awesome! When I attended Menergy for the first time in 2014 I was touched by the closeness of the connection among the MEN there.  I see this gathering as a chance for MEN to experience relating more fully with each other. Truly listening to one another and speaking our truth are skills I want to refine amongst MEN.  I am involved because I want to create these spaces for us!

With Love and Fire, Gero