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What is Menergy


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What is Menergy

Menergy is the Victorian arm of a national not-for-profit organisation Mens Wellbeing that has been providing men’s events and men’s support groups for over 20 years.

Menergy is an all inclusive 3 day Men’s Gathering wilderness retreat that provides workshops and ritual around celebrating masculinity and helps men discover more of themselves in a nurturing, supported and trusted way. The detailed program we run has been developed for over 15 years and has seen thousands of men grow and learn through this process.

At the heart of a Menergy weekend is the opportunity to attend and partake in many of the myriad of workshops that are focused on men’s health and wellbeing. These workshops help men to be empowered in our masculinity through vulnerability, support, and a greater understanding of trusting ourselves and our unique gifts as men.


To be able to share, confide and be so open with men that I had only just met, says a great deal for Menergy and more importantly for your own individual characters.

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 Menergy, Island Of Men, Common Ground and Victorian Men’s Wellbeing welcome all men. Our principles and code of conduct require all participants respect: age, cultural diversity, religious, spiritual and ideological beliefs, disability, physical and mental health, gender, identity, sexual orientation and relationship status.

Read our full LGBTQIA+ Policy here.

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Menergy Committee

The committee is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers who attended previous Menergy’s and were moved to step in and offer service to other men and have dedicated the year to putting on this event. The time and effort put in is not repaid by any financial return but from being part of a committed vision to assist men to connect and gather in constructed, empowering, and fun ways.

The committee are here to support you and any other man who needs assistance. So If you, or a friend, feels they needs some help in attending i.e. financial or other, please contact us at Menergy and we will help you where we can. P.N. We have a limited number of concession tickets.

If you too feel compelled to be involved in the committee and be rewarded for being a part of an amazing event and learn about yourself on the way, you too can volunteer to be on the committee next year.

To find out more please call one of the committee members or email us your interest.

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Our Committee

Mikey Ivany

Mikey is a man that loves to explore the depths of all that is available in this world. He has spent his years dancing across the earth; studying, playing, travelling, and engaged in various businesses. He loves to do his bit in improving the lives of the Men (and [...]


Glenn LeemBruggen

Glenn is as a musician, tradesperson, sculptor and schoolteacher. A vocation and spiritual path developed that metamorphosed into 20 years as an educator ~ thriving in personal and professional development. I have a passion for investigating the connection between the Spiritual World and the Human Being. The connectedness I have [...]


Timothy William Stubbs

Timothy (Captain Rivers) Stubbs is a pirate yogi from Melbourne, Australia.After graduating from Swinburne University in Film & Television Tim spent four years in the Australian Army Reserve acheiving the rank of Trooper in the 4/19th Armored Infantry division.He has been involved in Men's Work for over 15 years working for [...]


Ben Irvine

Ben is a social change researcher and activist who now dedicates himself to building and supporting wellbeing community networks. He has a background in IT, environmental science and economics. After two years of attending Menergy I was drawn to help co-ordinate Menergy 2018 due to the profound transformational effect I [...]

Example of 2018 Workshops

The workshops offered at Menergy are done so by men who are currently offering services and programs in the community and have come to Menergy to share their knowledge and skills with you. No facilitators are paid and they too pay a fee to attend.

These men are usually deeply committed to serving men and helping you attain the best out of yourself. All facilitators are here to provide a safe and unique opportunity for yourself and other men to learn and be supported by those around you. It can be a very powerful and transformative experience to participate in the workshops as a group of men. At all times safety, respect and integrity are maintained for all those attending.

Menergy Mens Group Network

It’s time for Menergy to have its own men’s group platform and we are launching our own Menergy Men’s Group Network (MMGN). For those interested in hosting and registering their own men’s circle come along to learn how you can get involved. The MMGN is an online, interactive portal that connects men with groups and helps them establish their own. Learn how this geolocation-based platform works, how to host a group, how to get support and how to promote it to other men in your area. It’s time for Menergy Tribal Groups to expand out and if your […]

Chakra Diagnosis Meditation – Nick Columb

A guided meditation process moving through the Chakra energy centres of the body that may offer some insight and shifts where there may be blockages, free flow or anything in between. It is a simple yet profoundly powerful process that can be done alone whenever you are called to it – for self-healing and to connect with the infinite wisdom of your body and Chakra energy centres. Since completing my Transpersonal Counselling qualification in 2015 […]

Pirate Yoga – Timothy William Stubbs

Over a 90 minute adventure of yoga, swordplay, quests and treasure hunting, Pirate Yoga is his medium of instilling in others everything he has learnt, to create a fearless free spirited confidence to live an amazing life of joy, laughter and treasure. Timothy (Captain Rivers) Stubbs is a Pirate Yogi from Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Swinburne University in Film & Television Tim spent four years in the Australian Army Reserve acheiving the rank of Trooper in the 4/19th Armored Infantry division. He has been involved in men’s work for over 15 years […]

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